Senior Real Estate Advisor

Agnieszka Piontek


With over 10 years experience, Agnieszka became a director of a leading polish modeling agency. Having cooperated with designers, artists and clients from Paris, Barcelona, London to Cape Town, she brings her unique blend of experience and expertise to Partners international. Previously, she held positions as a TV production manager at 3TMorele, director of international cooperation at Casting and Studio, and director at Wave Models.


Agnieszka graduated from the Faculty of Management with a Master’s and has transferred her sense of subtle aesthetics to the understanding of the markets and expectations of premium clients in the real estate market.


Agnieszka is passionate about traveling and development. She draws joy from learning about cultural nuances and the beauty of remote parts of the world. She draws strength from yoga, which opens her to new aspects of life.

I have been a client of a real estate agency for about 30 years / rent, sell, buy /. But this is the first time I have experienced such a professional approach. Thank you very much to Agnieszka Piontek. For my part, I can promise that I will work with Partners International in the future. At the same time, I recommend the services of this Agency with full responsibility.
Marcel Klimkowski
We change our place of residence very often and we have already cooperated with many agencies. However, cooperation with Partners International and Agnieszka Piontek - we remember it so positively that we recommend their services with full responsibility to our friends who are looking for professional support in any topic related to real estate. The more we recommend it to everyone. The knowledge supported by 25 years of experience impressed us. I can safely say that it is the best premium real estate agency on the Warsaw market. Ms Agnieszka Piontek, on the other hand, is an exceptional person with a unique approach - she thoroughly understands the market and the needs of investors as we are. Thank you and keep in touch!
Hoza Zalewska
Mega competences - it is more than a real estate office. Great understanding of the market and professional service. I personally collaborated with Mrs. Agnieszka Piontek and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Specific, reliable and fast. I needed such service
Lea K.


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