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We introduce the group Polish Agents Around The World, which brings together native real estate brokers in different parts of the world. Their values are: commitment, transparency, work ethic, respect, and personal culture. The competence of Polish Agents has been confirmed by us and proven in local markets.

Joanna Czapska

CEO at Partners International. In 2020 she fell in love with Portugal, more precisely in Cascais, and immediately knew she wanted to live there. Joanna shares her knowledge, experience, and above all her passion for Portugal, and convinces one why it is worth choosing a second home property there.

Apart from the opportunity to invest, Portugal is a place where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, and the views of the sea, the ocean, and the fairy-tale beaches will make you love your own piece of land in Southern Europe.

Joanna has been in Portugal since 2020 and offers:

professional house hunting, completion of the formalities related to the acquisition of property abroad, extensive knowledge of the law, region, culture – and related: provision of comprehensive information on schools, insurance, medical services, etc., constant access and contact with our consultants and friends at Partners International, planning and managing visits of clients who wish to be familiar with the offers in-person (agreement of presentations, pick-up from the airport, assistance in choosing the hotel).

Sylwia Małczyńska

Sylwia has been living in Tenerife for three years, and her professional career went very naturally. She was received with great cordiality by the local community. She speaks Spanish, English, and French and is a communicative and dynamic person who now works at the best real estate agency on the island.

Sylwia, who focuses on the client’s wishes can turn them into reality, find the dream property and see the potential in the less valued properties. She is a very creative individual and knows that understanding and trust are the most important things when working with clients.

She says Tenerife has a calming vibe and exceptional nature – an ocean that attracts and brings peace, friendly people and outstanding cuisine. It is a dream place to live! Tenerife became a second home for her and her family. Sylwia is an active person; since childhood she has played tennis, now she temporarily switched from kitesurfing to surfing but Tenerife is an ideal place also for many other sports! There is a reason why we speak of Tenerife – “Hawaii” in Europe.

Agnes Marciniak-Kostrzewa

Agnes Marciniak-Kostrzewa has been living in Marbella for 27 years and has “just fallen in love with it”. Since 2006 she runs her own company and finds dream properties for her clients. She loves her work – every client, every house or apartment has its own story, there are no templates in this work, and that’s what makes it so genuine.

The priority is always to find the best offer for the customer that corresponds to his preferences. In her company, she has set up an after-sales department to ensure that the client receives full service and rental management even after the transaction.

Agnes’ passion is golf and the Costa del Sol, also known as the Costa del Golf, is a paradise for golf lovers.

Sylwia Wichniewicz

Independent expert operating in the real estate market in Spain. Specializes in the southeast coast of Spain: Valencia, Alicante, Almeria. She advises, searches for properties, helps comprehensively at every stage of the transaction and shows the real Spain.

Sylvia’s priority is always the welfare of the buyer and top-notch service. She has been living permanently in Spain for over 4 years. Even as a teenager she was passionate about Spanish culture. She is a lover of Spanish cuisine and a certified wine connoisseur with practice in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Monika Pawłowska-Lukasz

As one of the first licensed real estate agents (RERA), Monika Lukasz can demonstrate her knowledge and experience in the Dubai real estate market.

Since 2002, she has been helping clients to find their dream properties. She has exceptional negotiating skills and always puts the needs of her clients first. She is a very relational character and takes care of the highest quality in every phase of the service.

For her clients, she supports both the purchase and sale of real estate by ensuring that it is smooth, effective and stress-free.

Margaret Goldyn

It’s already 18 years of experience in the real estate market. The desire to travel and curiosity about the world has led to a change in her lifestyle and place of residence. In 2004, Margarete moved to Cyprus, where she lives to this day. She is a licensed agent of a real estate and travel agency. She specializes in real estate on the southern (Greek) side of the island. Professional and comprehensive service and collaboration with the well-known developers have consolidated her position in the market.

She graduated from the Humanist College in Pułtusk. Owner of the travel agency “Margocom” in Cyprus with representation in Warsaw. Real estate agent with professional license AM244. Searches for properties and offers support in the purchase process as well as the ability to manage them at a later stage.

Anna-Maria Maliszewska

Anna-Maria Maliszewska worked for 15 years in the retail, private, and elite financial services business of the Multi-Family Office in Monaco.

She is a specialist for the Monaco market and the International Family Office. Supports clients in setting up in France and Monaco, as well as in the organization and implementation of new projects on the Côte d’Azur.

Dominika Nogier

She has been linked to the tourism industry for many years and organizes exclusive stays on the Côte d’Azur for companies and premium customers.

For more than two years, she has been using her experience in premium customer service in the real estate market in the Côte d’Azur.

Together with Anna Maliszewska, she opened the real estate office Nautilus and the service company Multi-Family Office;

They serve clients comprehensively by helping them buy or sell property on the Côte d’Azur and also offer family office services, such as the management of the acquired properties.

Marco Belotto

Marco Belotto is designer and investor, founder and mentor of Belotto Design. Born in Warsaw, spent his youth in Italy. Associated with interior design for almost three decades. Creator of the most prestigious projects of recent years in the capital, among others: Elektrownia Powiśle or Fashion TV Warsaw. Inextricably linked to the domestic and foreign real estate market since 2019.

A true lover of Italy, especially of the Lake Como region, where he has lived for more than a dozen years. A man who is permeated by art and architecture and knows the peculiarities and requirements of real estate seekers. He understands Italian temperament like hardly any other Polish person. Perfect in action, concrete and demanding. He owes his success to hard work and respect for others.


Buying a property abroad is a process in which you should feel safe and secure. If you’re wondering:

How much do the properties cost in different countries?

Are you looking for price comparison? Are you interested in the index of real estate prices in certain markets?

What revenue can they generate?

Find out about the average return on investment (ROI) for long-term and short-term rentals at each location.

What does the buying process look like?

What kind of documents do you need to prepare, what is to check, how the land registers abroad look like?

What is the law of inheritance?

How to secure assets in different countries? How are assets prescribed?

What about taxes?

Property tax, tax thresholds, VAT – our agents will organize a complete tax consultancy for you.


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