Mokotów, Mokotów Dolny, Sielecka

  • Area 248 - 248
  • Rooms 1
  • Completion date I/2020
  • Investment state Not accepted for use
  • Investment type Apartment buildings

2 952 250 - 2 952 250 PLN

11 929 - 11 929 PLN / m²

Mokotów, Mokotów Dolny, Sielecka

Kolonia Sielce

The Kolonia Sielce development is being built at 39A Sielecka Street and will be directly adjacent to the green Croatian Square. Kolonia Sielce is a new quality development in the green heart of Sielce, which will create an intimate frontage and enliven the neighborhood – attractive commercial premises are planned on the first floor..

Kolonia Sielce was a residential development project located in the Sielce district of Warsaw. The project was developed by a consortium of investors and aimed to provide high-quality, modern housing for families and individuals in the rapidly-growing city.

The development was situated on a large, greenfield site on the outskirts of the city, offering easy access to the city center and major transportation hubs. The project consisted of a mix of low-rise and high-rise buildings, with a variety of apartment sizes and styles to cater to different needs and budgets.

Construction on Kolonia Sielce began in the late 1990s and was completed in the early 2000s. The project was met with strong demand, with many families and young professionals eager to live in the new, modern buildings. The development featured state-of-the-art amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and playgrounds for children.

One of the key selling points of Kolonia Sielce was its focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. The buildings were constructed with energy-efficient materials and included solar panels and other green technologies. The development also featured extensive green spaces, with parks and gardens throughout the complex.

In addition to providing high-quality housing, Kolonia Sielce also aimed to contribute to the local economy by creating jobs during the construction phase and supporting local businesses. The development included a small shopping center and several restaurants, providing convenient amenities for residents.

Overall, the Kolonia Sielce development was a successful investment in Warsaw, offering modern, sustainable housing in a convenient location. The project was well-received by the community and helped to meet the growing demand for high-quality housing in the city.

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The project consists of two parts – Kolonia Sielce Home and Kolonia Sielce Office, which, thanks to thoughtful architecture, have been separated functionally and technically in such a way as to provide the best possible conditions for residents and office workers.

The investor’s idea was to create an elegant, contemporary development in harmony with the architectural roots of the Sielce area – classic low-rise residential buildings from the 1950s.

Sielce Home Colony is located in close proximity to Croatian Square. Nearby are numerous parks – Łazienki Królewskie, Morskie Oko, Sielecki Park.
Distance from the city center is about 5 km. The neighborhood is very well connected – easy access both by car and by public transport.
The balanced architecture of the building harmonizes with the surroundings and is a perfect solution for all those who appreciate modernity and respect traditions.

The premise of the project was to provide residents with a high standard. With this in mind, the investment is characterized by attention to detail and aesthetics of finishing, as well as high quality of materials used.

– Elegant and modern architecture
– Brushed concrete facade with elements of hand-formed tiles
– Representative lobby with reception desk
– Above-standard height of apartments (2.9m-3m)
– High windows
– Bringing in an air-conditioning system that allows individual connection in each apartment
– High, 6m high first floor
– Bicycle/carport room
– Tenant storage cells
– Intelligent videophone system
– Two-level underground garage
– Convenient parking spaces; electric car charging station provided.

The project provides for apartment sizes from 46 sqm to 116 sqm – combining units is possible. Each apartment has a loggia or terrace.



Dolny Mokotów

Dolny Mokotów leży poniżej skarpy, w otulinie Wisły, często nazywany jest Koroną Skarpy. Początkowo były to tereny folwarczne, dopóki Król Stanisław August Poniatowski nie założył tu zespołu pałacowo-ogrodowego, tworząc tu przepiękne zielone parki i pałace skąpane w zieleni ogrodów. Kontynuowano budowanie domów robotniczych i luksusowych willi, np. wzdłuż ulicy Belwederskiej. Centrum Dolnego Mokotowa wyznacza Park Królewski – Łazienki, który zachwyca o każdej porze roku. Obecnie Dolny Mokotów to przede wszystkim zabudowa lat 50., która charakteryzuje się niskimi kamieniczkami ze spadzistymi dachami. Pomiędzy budynkami usytuowane są zielone skwerki i parki.

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