Partners International Managing Director Joanna Czapska wins the Top Woman in Real Estate Award!

Partners International real estate agency has been flooded with awards. During last year’s Top Women in Real Estate gala our agency’s Managing Director Joanna Czapska won the Residential Sales award – see footage from this event.

The jury appreciated Joanna’s engagement in managing Partners International, the longest operating premium real estate agency on local market. Members of the Council pointed out to the continuous professional development of Partners Intentional team, high level of service, positive opinions of satisfied customers and acting in accordance with good practice rules such as fair play in business. Joanna Czapska was among five nominees in the Residential Sales category, next to Łucja Rosiak (Tacit Development Polska), Yana Shylka (Hamilton May), Dorota Jarodzka – Śródka (Archicom) and Renata Tarachulska (Hamilton May).

„I would like to express my sheer gratitude for this distinguished reward and congratulate all other nominees to this year’s edition of Top Woman in Real Estate Awards. Situation of women in real estate market is far from perfect. That is why initiatives like this one are particularly needed and ought to be supported”, said Joanna Czapska, Partners International Managing Director. „ Making ambitious projects is not enough. 

“Making ambitious projects is not enough. It is vital to introduce these projects to a wide public and to reward their authors so they can inspire others. Women in real estate market had always had to work harder to succeed. They are rarely advocates of their own success even though they achieve fantastic results. We are here to change it. In this year’s edition of the contest we are supported by some of the best names in the field. We strongly believe that with such a wide support we will be able to reach an even wider public”, said Krystyna Swojak, the Top Woman in Real Estate Award organizer.

Top Women in Real Estate Awards is a grand event in real estate market. Its aim is to inspire and support women who operate in this male-dominated area. The project has been actively supported by market leaders and key real estate organizations, such as: Ladies First, WIREP and OSWBZ. Following the idea was a series of inspirational meetings Real Estate Talks and the final gala which took place at Warsaw Marriott Hotel on 24th May, raising funds for social and charity purposes. During this year’s event, a charity auction raised funds to support „Po drugie” Foundation building Poland’s first facility for minor mothers and their children.

  • More to be found about the foundation at its website:
  • Photo credit: Top Woman in Real Estate Awards
  • Text: PI

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