Warszawa, Mokotów, Fort Piłsudskiego

  • Area 150
  • Type Commercial premises
  • Rooms 1
  • Construction year 2018
  • Commercial object For rent

22 500 PLN

150 PLN / m²

Warszawa, Mokotów, Fort Piłsudskiego



An original place with a background history | Józef Piłsudski’s former historic restored fortification in Dolny Mokotów

Fort Cze is an unusual place on the map of Warsaw. A unique investment located on an island surrounded by a moat, among greenery, in Dolny Mokotów.
In the central part, there are historic, restored military barracks, which have preserved the beauty of the old architecture.
At the moment, renovated, and brought to the developer’s standard – they can become a unique place for an office, restaurant, or commercial and service premises.

From the beginning, the assumption was to create an extraordinary cultural and entertainment space, with ground floors, which would be united by a vision of respect for old architecture, history, the symbolism of the place, and above all, fitting into the concept of complex luxury.



  1. Foundations – existing, stone,
  2. Load-bearing walls and vaults – existing, brick,
  3. Reinforced concrete footing with overhang in place of explosion breach.


  1. Made of solid red brick,
  2. Concrete cornice,
  3. Gas and power connection enclosures will be located next to the building.

Waterproofing insulation,
Thermal insulation – extruded polystyrene,
Restored earth embankment,
Open technical channel.


Walls and floors:

  1. The existing walls are made of solid bricks on a cement-lime mortar.
  2. The walls between the premises are made of solid red brick, on cement mortar.
  3. Walls and ceilings plastered with lime-cement plaster, plaster applied to the surfaces of existing walls and vaults, not subject to standard deviations.
  4. Partition walls – lightweight partition walls with a skeleton structure made of thin-walled steel profiles with plasterboard facings.
  5. Rooms are finished with a cement screed made in the floating floor technology.

Window and door joinery:

  1. Window, door, and aluminum joinery, single-chamber glass. Doors with one central lock.
  2. Glass aluminum facade at the explosion site.

Electrical Installations:

  1. Without fixtures,
  2. Preparation of boxes for socket fittings,
  3. Cable routing under light points,
  4. An individual electricity meter,
  5. Surface-mounted electric boards.

Central heating and plumbing installations:

  1. Indoor – vertical or horizontal wall heaters,
  2. Central heating installation and hot water powered from a heat substation connected to the municipal network,
  3. Execution of a sanitary sewage system connected to the existing residential network, made of PVC pipes,
  4. An individual meter of heat energy and water in the premises.

Air conditioning installation:

  1. Execution of transitions to the technical channel for air conditioning installations,
  2. Installation of air conditioning for the tenant

Ventilation installations:
Mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation according to the design on the tenant’s side – in the case of gastronomic purposes.

Materials and technologies:
All building materials and interior finishing elements meet the applicable standards and have valid approvals and certificates – in accordance with the conservation recommendations.

The amount of rent – PLN 150 net / m2 – is to be individually agreed upon with a potential tenant, taking into account the type of activity and the length of the lease period.
Additionally, the tenant will pay the administrative rent and service charges.

It is possible to connect the premises and dismantle the existing walls.

Offer no: 756070

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About the property

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