Konstancin-Jeziorna, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Strefa A

  • Area 625
  • Lot area 1 160
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Rooms 6
  • Construction year 1999
  • House For sale

3 900 000 PLN

6 240 PLN / m²

Konstancin-Jeziorna, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Strefa A

Unique, absolutely unique house with a soul


Area 625m2 | Konstancin-Jeziorna | Unique house for a family



First floor:
* Studio 119,7m2,
* utility room 4m2,
* reception space 44m2,
* dressing room 4m2,
* pantry 4m2,
* hall 18m2,
* bathroom 6m2,
* guest room 7m2,
* kitchen with dining room 19m2,
* living room 50m2.

1st Floor:
* Bedroom 18,5m2,
* bedroom 13m2,
* mezzanine 33,5m2,
* dressing room 8m2,
* hall 14m2,
* bathroom 10m2,
* bathroom 7,7m2,
* laundry room 4,3m2.

* studio 12m2,
* utility room 5m2,
* boiler room 4,5m2,
* sauna 4,5m2,
* toilet 4,8m2,
* music room 12,6m2.


The house is absolutely unique. Both owners are artists, and the design of this house is the result of inspiration from the architecture of the Provence area, from which most of the inspiration was taken here. Clear structures, expressive wooden structures and unique interior plaster structures bear many features of Italian and French architecture.

The professional and aesthetic requirements of the owners reflect the character of this unique space, both living and working. In the first contact with the house, one is struck by the unprecedented spaciousness and unlimited heights of the rooms, in which one feels that their scale is perfectly balanced. Height in the highest unbuilt ceilings about 10m / 7m.
In the basement there is a music room and space for a sauna and bathroom. The house is very functional, both in terms of internal communication, as well as when it comes to contact with the garden, an enclave of tranquility, perfectly isolating it from the already quiet environment. An excellent and safe space also for small children.

This property has great potential, both for people professionally engaged in creative activities, as well as for those who will be able to realize their vision in this space that does not limit any practical activities. The first floor is a living room with a large kitchen, pantry , dressing room and a study. In the second part of the house, enclosed on both sides by glazed opening gates, there is a reception space and a huge single-space studio/living room that can be arranged according to one’s own vision. On the first floor connecting the two parts of the house are bedrooms, bathrooms,

In the garden, in addition to cultivated greenery and local plants, a sizable wine cellar has been arranged. For those active in sports, the best bike paths in the vicinity of Warsaw within 100m, for the younger perfectly equipped with equipment playground, for young people football club and ball fields.


Just 20-30 minutes from the center of Warsaw, in an enclave of peace and quiet, in close proximity to the forest and lakes, which are remnants of the old river Vistula, a house with an art studio * painting * graphic * sculpture was created.

We cordially invite you to the presentations.

Additional data
  • Bright kitchen: Yes
  • Terrace: 1
  • Basement: 1
  • Garden: 1
  • Condition: very good
  • Forest: Yes
  • Subway: Yes
  • Tram: Yes
  • Railway: Yes
  • Fitness nearby: Yes
  • Bank nearby: Yes
  • Pharmacy nearby: Yes
  • Nursery nearby: Yes
  • Kindergarten nearby: Yes
  • Playground nearby: Yes
  • Primary school nearby: Yes
  • University nearby: Yes
  • Grocery nearby: Yes

Strefa A

Konstancin Jeziorna to urocza miejscowość położona niedaleko, około 20 km, od centrum Warszawy. Pomimo bliskości dużego miasta, Konstancin zachował swój uzdrowiskowy charakter. Niewiele ponad sto lat temu były to lasy należące do majątku ziemskiego rodziny hrabiów Potulickich, dziś również Konstancin wzbudza zainteresowanie zamożnych person uciekających z warszawskiej aglomeracji. Strefa A w Konstancie to wypoczynkowe miasto-ogród na skarpie pradoliny Wisły, wzdłuż rzeki Jeziorki – cicha i zielona alternatywa, dla tych, którzy chcą zostawić miasto w tyle,

Offer no: 954210

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About the property

Marta Pecko Falkowska

Senior Real Estate Advisor | Team Leader

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