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Experience, extensive portfolio, broad customer database and efficiency allow us to enter the market as a prestigious real estate agency known for its exceptional service and unique solutions.

The Client’s needs are our top priority. Every Client is assigned to an individual aide who, after agreeing the criteria, performs a pre-selection review and invites the Client to presentations of the pre-screened offers, choosing only those that meet Client’s agreed criteria. Our objective is to enable our Clients to view the best properties available within one day.

In addition, we render the so-called „house hunting” service to our Clients, which includes searching databases of our partner agencies, looking for offers on the Internet and in the media, as well as making personalized marketing campaigns aimed at obtaining new offers. Thanks to these activities, our Clients have access to up to 98% of all real estate offers while working with only one agent. This helps, to a large extent, save the Client’s precious time.

We cannot imagine prestigious service without personal care of a dedicated advisor, who provides support through the whole process of your transaction, from researching through substantive and legal assistance, negotiation support to credit issues.

Our Clients, depending on the selected form of cooperation, can benefit from: preparation of property for sale in terms of marketing, professional property presentation to previously proven Customers, discretion, confidentiality, as well as reducing your time engaged in the presentation process and initial talks.

We offer a wide range of flats, apartments, houses and villas in prime locations of the capital city, particularly in the City Center, Mokotów, Old Żoliborz, Wilanów, Saska Kępa, Kolonia Staszica and Konstancin-Jeziorna, ranging from pre-war buildings to modern apartment buildings and houses.

Our offer includes apartments in such elite adresses as: Rezydencja Opera, Villa Monaco, Park Residence, and Narbutta Residence, Marina Mokotów, Konstancja Estate and many others. For many of the listed above residences we have exclusive offers that cannot be found in other agencies’ portfolios. We also offer an excellent choice of houses situated within walking distance from all international schools in Warsaw.

“60% of Partners International’s Clients are long-term customers, i.e. they have been using our services for many years and keep coming back. They have also given us exclusivity in dealing with a significant percentage of prestigious real estate not found elsewhere.”

Joanna Czapska Managing director

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Our 29 years of experience, a rich offer, extensive customer base and efficiency have allowed us to enter the real estate market as a leader among real estate agencies in Warsaw, known for exceptional service and unique solutions. Join our subscription list to receive only selected content and offers from our catalog.

At Partners International, we provide services based on trust – our customers can be sure that their data is processed securely. Please be advised that the placement of information on real estate by Partners International in the database requires the processing of your personal data. Sending this information by you is tantamount to agreeing to the processing of personal data. You will find the Personal Data Protection Policy document here.

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