Warsaw Saska Kępa

“Smelled like Saska Kępa” – whoever has been there, knows that May in Saska always smells like lilac – the first signs of spring can be seen right there, between the atmospheric streets of Old Saska Kępa.

Saska Kępa is part of the Praga-Południe district, with direct access to the right bank of the Vistula.

On the west side, it is surrounded by green coastal areas covered by the “Natura 2000” program, which makes this place unique. From the north, its borders are closed by Skaryszewski Park. Thanks to this vegetation, Saska is one of the most charming places for walking, playing sports and relaxing outdoors.

Saska Kępa, despite the fact that it was not called that from the beginning, has always been associated with relaxation and rest and has been referred to as recreational areas. The most prosperous times for Saska were the interwar period, when luxurious villas, which were architectural gems, began to be erected on narrow streets. Eventually, this area gained the status of an elegant residential area and has remained so to this day. Fortunately, World War II did not ravage the buildings of Saska Kępa and most of the residences are still pleasing to the eye today.

Saska is partially entered in the register of monuments as a conservation protection zone.

Why is Saska Kępa one of the most desirable locations in Warsaw? Only here you can find such an architectural order, pre-war villas are drowning in old trees, dozens of atmospheric restaurants have been built in recent years, one street attracts crowds of Varsovians and is so unique that it has its own holiday, celebrated every May. People from the world of culture and science like to live here, as well as businessmen and foreigners. There are great cultural centers in Saska Kępa, events are organized, you can even sunbathe here! And the center is right there, just across the bridge.

  • Ignacy Paderewski Skaryszewski Park
  • Olszynka Grochowska nature reserve
  • Nad Balatonem Park
  • National Stadium – metro, railway station, trams, buses
  • Wiatraczna roundabout
  • Eastern Railway Station
Entertainment and culture
  • Francuska Street
  • Powszechny Theater
  • Neon Museum

Warsaw Saska Kępa

Warsaw Saska Kępa

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